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English for Banking and Finance

Tugas Bahasa Inggris II
English for Banking and Finance
Bab 8

Nama : Michael
N.I.M : 2010031195


1. there are twelve federal reserve banks in the United states (True)
2. the board of governors of each federal reserve banks sets its own policies (False)
3. the actions of the federal reserve system affect the amount of money in circulation in the United States (True)
4. federal reserve banks are not empowered to buy and sell investments. (False)
5. margin requirements set by the federal reserve board limit the amount of credit available to purchasers of stocks and bonds (True)

1. How many federal reserve banks are there in the united states?
There are twelve Federal Reserve Banks in the United States
2. who sets the policies of these banks?
The policies of these banks set by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
3. how do federal reserve banks extend credit to member banks?
Federal Reserve Banks extend credit to member banks through advances or rediscounts
4. How does the board of governors influence the money supply of the United states?
The Board of Governors influence the money supply of the United states by conducting certain open market operatons.
5. What can the board of governors do with United states goverment securities?
The Board of Governors can buy or sell United states goverment securities
6. what can federal reserve banks buy and sell?
The Federal Reserve Banks can buy and sell investments such as Bankers acceptances and Bill of Exchange
7. How does the federal reserve board influence the volume of activity on the stock exchange?
The Federal Reserve Board influence the volume of activity on the stock exchange by setting margin requirements for the purchase of securities.
8. What do margin requirements limit?
Margin requirements limit the amount of credit that purchasers of securities may be given to finance their investment activity.
9. What are reserve requirements?
Reserve requirements is percentage of total deposits that a bank keeps in cash
10. which institution performs the functions of the United states federal reserve system in your country?
Institution performs the functions of the United states federal reserve system in my country is Indonesian Bank. It’s called BI

1. uniform                                               (E)                          a. Required                                                        
2. market price                                       (D)                          b. establish
3. stock                                                  (G)                         c. bond
4. for public sale                                     (H)                         d. Current price
5. authorize                                             (J)                          e. unchanging
6. investment                                           (I)                           f. Volume of activity
7. mandatory                                          (A)                          g. A share of coporate capital
8. amount of buying and selling                (F)                          h. Open market
9. set                                                      (B)                          i. Properly bought for profit
10. certificate of debt                              (C)                          j. empower

1.Policies of the twelve federal reserve banks are the same everywhere
( Uniform)
2. A group of administrators fixes the policies
3.He has many properties bought for profit
4. The amount of money in circulation varies with the buying and selling of stocks and bonds
5. There has been a great amount of buying and selling on the stock exchange
( Volume of activity )

Structure Practice

1.    The bank sent me information about the new interest rates
I was sent information about the new interest rates by the bank
2. Ms. Scott will tell the board about her holdings
The board will be told about her holdings by Ms. Scott
3. The bank is offering banker's acceptances to The public
The public is being offered banker's acceptances by the bank
4. They told us there are twelve Federal reserve districts
We was told by them there are twelve Federal reserve districts
5. The board gave the investors the data about their stock and bonds
The investors were given the data about their stock and bonds by The board

1.            I/show/the stock exchange/other investors
I was shown the stock exchange by other investors
2.            Lisa Marlowe/offer/the necessary capital/her father
Lisa Marlowe was offered the necessary capital by her father
3.            The administrators/tell/Market price
Market price was told by the administrators
4.            The director/pay/The board
The board was paid by the director
5.            They/informed/The bonds were sold
The bonds were sold was informed by the board


1.            Did the federal reserve board sell investments to The public?
Yes, The public was sold investments by the federal reserve board
2.            Did Mr.Miller teach The students about the federal reserve system?
Yes, The students were taught about the federal reserve system by Mr.Miller
3.            Did the credit department give you the loan?
Yes, I was given the loan by the credit department
4.            Did the board of governors tell her about the securities?
Yes, She was told about the securities by the board of governors
5.            Did the company pay The directors a good salary?
Yes, The directors were paid a good salary by the company

Building Sentences

1.                    the  data/by the administrators/We were given
We were given the  data by the administrators
2.            by the stockholders/I was offered/more securities
I was offered more securities by the stockholders
3.            the purchase price/by the board/They will be told
They will be told the purchase price by the board
4.            Mr.and Mrs. Rogers/by head of the company/are sent/the stock certificates
Mr.and Mrs. Rogers are sent the stock certificates by head of the company
5.            the stock exchange/you/by the directorYou/will be shown
You will be shown the stock exchange by the director.

-              I/sell/money/board of directors
I was sold money by board of directors
-                         Jane/show/the market price/the administrators
Jane is being shown the market price by the administrators
-              You/offer/stock certificates/the bank
You should be offered stock certificates by the bank
-              Mr. Ferguson/lend/capital/Ms. Edwards
Mr. Ferguson has been lent capital by Ms. Edwards
-              We/give/a loan/the credit department
We had been given a loan by the credit department
-                          The public/tell/the stock exchange/the company
The public will be told the stock exchange by the company
-              The investors/send/A contract/the federal reserve bank
The investors should be sent A contract by the federal reserve bank


1. Policies are ..(B).. bye the board
a. conducted                      b.set

2. It is  ..(A).. that the bank follow the policy
a. mandatory                     b. ubiform

3. Mr. Carter was ..(A).. to sell government securities
a. empowered                  b. performed

4. We don't want any ..(B).. in our affairs
a. circulation                       b. intervention

5. These operations are similar to other operations that were  ..(B).. in Latin America
a. limited                             b. carried out

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